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How to replace 8 foot fluorescent bulb with led

This age is an age of technology and advancement. People always go for such products which can not only be long-lasting but also provide them with adequate facilitation.

In your daily lives, nothing can be more significant and important than the electronic devices that you use. Nonetheless, if you update these devices, it always acts as a cherry on the cake.

How To Convert fluorescent shop lights to LED 8 FT T8 single pin

Now, how about updating the fluorescent fixture that you use. Firstly, since you are planning to adopt something that costs less and provides a generous amount of light, what purpose would they be left off with if the output is less? Fluorescent tube lights hold importance that no one can ever deny. From houses to commercial usage, they have been of great usage. The method to rewire the fluorescent fixture to accommodate the LED could not be an easy one.

The reason is that the physiology of all the fluorescent fixtures is not the same. In this article, I would be giving a detailed account of the steps which would be of significant help in the conversion process.

Note that, there could be different conversion processes depending upon the type of fixtures. This is one of the easiest methods to convert the fluorescent fixture into LED lights. First of all, remove the cover of the fluorescent tube that has to be converted. There will be three sorts of wires. Black, Green, and White. White is for neutral and black is for hot. The Green wire is the ground wire which is an important one.

Remove the wire nuts. You will have to make the three wires loosen from each other. Also, pull away from the wires from the ballast, and thus you disconnected power from the weight.

In the third step, you will now bypass the ballast. You can also remove the ballast in whichever way it may suit you. Since the wires have been cut and to make them stay in order, take quick connects for the wires. As discussed above, there are three types of wires.

With the help of quick connect, the cables are assembled. The light fixture is thus divided into two ends; a neutral side, and a hot side. Cut off all the extra wiring from the hot side. The wires of the hot side are now taken and tugged into the connector. All the cables on the hot side are assembled into the connector. Now at the neutral side, with the help of a wire cutter, the extra ends are stripped off. All the wires are now assembled into the connector on the neutral side.

Besides rewiring of fluorescent fixtures, this is another method as for how to convert fluorescent fixture into the LED. In this method, the users can pass a direct wire or do a bypass of a ballast. The function of ballast is to regulate the flowing current to lamps and other electric appliances.

The fluorescent fixture is thus replaced with the LED when it is rewired to bypass the ballast.Fluorescent bulbs where once the most popular lighting fixtures in the world. But, LED lights have come of age with the phasing out of the fluorescent light fixture. The main reason for this change is the clear benefits that LED technology offers.

So, if you are pondering with the idea of converting fluorescent fixtures to LED lights in your office etc read on. The differences are definitely beneficial, for example, they have a longer lifespan that ranges between 50, tohours, they are a lot more energy-efficientalong with offering better light quality and lumen output while being cheaper to maintain and they also contain no mercury. But… converting fluorescent light fixtures to LED bulbs is not always straightforward as the two technologies differ.

You need to know the existing infrastructure first to ensure your fluorescent tube replacements are correct and fit. In other words, LED tubes will only work if they are compatible with your existing fixtures. In this guide, we highlight the important things you should know when replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. If you are going to replace fluorescent light with LED lighting you must take into consideration the color temperature.

Color temperature measurement is in Kelvin K and most colors range from to k. A lower Kelvin figure means the color is warm and tends to be closer to orange. By contrast, a high Kelvin figure like k means the color is cool and white in appearance. On the other hand, temperatures of above k produce a glow resembling daylight. This lighting is ideal for spaces such as a garage, high-security areas, displays, etc. To find out the exact diameter of your fluorescents check the label situated at the end of your current tube.

If you are unable to find the label for whatever reason, you can just measure to find the correct diameter size. All these bulbs can be used vice versa so long as they share the same bi-pin connections on the base the 2 pins at the end of the tube and have the right milliamp power supply requirements. Many people convert to LED lamps because they have a much longer lifespan, are a brighter light and are a lot more energy efficient.

Yet, replacing the fluorescent light fixtures can be a bit more complicated because the technologies are not compatible on their own. Ideally, you would want to use the same fixtures due to cost and time considerations of changing the fluorescent fixtures.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is no choice but to go through a costly conversion process before these newer tubes can work on the existing infrastructure. In a nutshell, these challenges are the reason why some people have been deterred from replacing their fluorescent fixtures.

If you already have T8 fluorescent tubes and fixtures in place, it can be as simple as swapping those bulbs with LED bulbs without the need to do a ballast bypass as it has an Integrated Driver for use on Existing Fluorescent Ballast.

How To Rewire A Fluorescent Fixture For LED?

But, using an existing fluorescent fixture is not as efficient due to the ballast needing to be replaced before the LED itself, which is cheaper than having to replace the lamp holders but does mean slightly more maintenance. Remember, your choice will depend on your budget, preference and your current fluorescent fixture. This is the oldest way of replacing fluorescent tubes with LED bulbs. This option allows the user to bypass the use of a ballast circuit as the wiring passes through the line voltage instead.

If you are unsure about any rewiring required please use the services of a qualified electrician.In the last several years, one of the most popular lighting conversions that has taken place has been the process of converting linear fluorescent to LED. That said, there have been some complications that have made it difficult for end users to make this happen.

Every option involves at least some re-wiring. This conversion process will work for most but may not for certain fixture types like sign lighting or a vaportight. Due to the difficulty of shipping a lamp this size you are likely to have to buy by the case, which can be anywhere from 10 to 25 lamps depending on the manufacturer.

You will also be dealing with the same Fa8 single-pin base. To install, you will have to bypass the ballast and wire direct to line voltage. If you want to make this job easier you might consider purchasing a pre-wired socket kit like this Keystone Fa8 Wiring Harness.

This is similar to Option 2, but there are some interesting differences for those who like added controls. This is an added cost to the system but also reduces the heat load that the lamps take on. The prime reason to go this route over Option 2 would be if you wanted V dimming. You will need to purchase the V dimmer separately so the costs can add up, but you will have a smooth dimming system once finished. Maybe you are looking to completely transform your application and get new LED fixtures installed.

While the cost will be highest, this option will yield the best results from superior light levels to added controls. Determining the best LED fixture for your particular situation will be key. Another thing to keep in mind throughout all of this is that your energy company likely offers rebates for some or all of these options, which may help sway your choice.

My only concern is, which LED replacement should I opt for. Could you advise as to what would be a suitable replacement. Name Required. Email Required.

How to Convert 8ft Fluorescent Shop Lights to LED

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Featured About Us We supply everything you need for lighting from bulbs, to ballasts, to fixtures, and beyond.Converting building lights to LED bulbs to cash in on their superior light, lower electricity consumption, and much longer life is easy when it comes to screw-in bulbs. This is due to the fact that LED bulbs readily fit into the same screw-in sockets used by incandescent and CFL compact fluorescents bulbs, both of which are growing scarce on store shelves.

Converting fluorescent fixtures to accommodate LED tubes is more complicated. Not all fluorescent fixtures are designed the same. There is also a lot of confusing information being offered about LED conversions. One thing is sure: You can change fluorescent fixtures over to LED one fixture at a time.

That allows you to upgrade lighting on a schedule that fits your pocketbook. If you are resistant to upgrading to LED bulbs, bear in mind that both bulbs and ballasts for T12 fluorescent fixtures are growing rare and are getting increasingly more difficult to find.

T8 bulbs and ballasts are on the same chopping block in the near future. At this point, no termination of T5 bulbs and fixtures is scheduled, but this fluorescent fixture is targeted to be discontinued in the future. There is a wide variety of methods for converting to LED tubes. The simplest is to completely replace old fluorescent fixtures with brand-new LED fixtures. Instead, there are numerous ways to convert an existing fluorescent fixture to accept LED tubes. Such tubes are officially designated as UL Type A and are sold under descriptions like instant fit, plug-and-play, and remote driver lamps.

Another option is to modify your existing fluorescent fixtures to accept UL Type B tubes, which are commonly sold as ballast bypass or direct wire bulbs. This requires that the fixture be rewired to bypass the ballast, which can either be left in place or removed. Be sure to check that the ballast bypass tubes you are buying come with an installation wiring schematic, as the chore can vary whether the tube is a one-side or one-end tube vs.

These prices go up depending on bulb quality. Before committing to either tube type when converting existing fluorescent fixtures, the lighting industry highly recommends that you talk to your lighting supplier about your intentions to change the tubes on old fluorescent fixtures.

To do that, gather the operating performance information about your old fixture it should be printed inside the fixture and take that to your supplier to discuss the options. Also, Philips offers a website philips. Finally, be sure to check with your local electrical supplier to see if it offers rebates for converting to LED bulbs so you can cash in on this incentive.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A lot of us get so used to "meh" lighting that we forget that it can be better. We put up with dim or dark area, straining to see details while working. Many of us, like one of our other customers with this issuehave resorted to supplementing inconvenient lighting with even more expensive-to-run incandescent, halogen, or metal halide lamps.

Then, the buzzing ballasts and flickering bulbs can be a regular irritation, especially when they fail, and you have to replace one after the other. Are you tired of having a pile of burned-out, 8-foot tubes taking up space? Avoid the hassles of running fluorescent lights; converting to LED can make such a difference for any workspace.

In addition to solving the problems above, replacing your 8ft fluorescent shop lights with LED tubes also significantly reduces operating costs over time.

These savings quickly pay off the initial fixture costs, and from that point on, your lights will put monthly energy savings into your pocket for years to come.

how to replace 8 foot fluorescent bulb with led

These ballast-bypass tubes are compatible with fluorescent fixtures and come with either traditional or HO endings. Alternatively, if you want to update the look, location, or number of fixtures, if your fixtures are no longer functioning properly, or if you are beginning a brand-new lighting project, we have many options available for new LED shop light fixtures.

So, you want to keep your existing shop lights and just switch them over to 8ft LED bulbs. No problem: this is a simple wiring job that takes about five minutes per fixture, once you get the hang of it.

All you need to do is remove the ballast from your fixture say goodbye to failing ballasts for good! We have a quick video tutorial below. Ready to convert your shop lights to LED? In-stock tubes usually ship within one business day from the warehouse nearest you. Additionally, the sealed housing keeps debris out of the fixture, which means fewer maintenance tasks to deal with around the shop.

These integrated shop light fixtures can be installed either flush against your ceiling or wall, or suspended from wires. Connect 2 or 3 of them end-to-end to reduce the amount of electrical work required; wire the first fixture to your power source, then simply plug them in.

However, if you want something that looks like your old fixtures and, like your old fixtures, uses tubes that you can change out, you can still take advantage of LED energy savings and longevity with our 8ft LED-ready 1- and 2-lamp fixtures. Reach out to us at or email lights eledlights.ET) immediately after the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Secondly, the fight sold out the 5,500-seat Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York two months ahead of time. The result has been a steady stream of crossover buzz for a fight pairing a fighter (Ukraine's Lomachenko) who might already be the best in the sport after just 10 pro bouts against maybe the only man equipped to disarm him (Cuba's Rigondeaux).

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how to replace 8 foot fluorescent bulb with led

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How to Convert From Fluorescent Lights to LED

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how to replace 8 foot fluorescent bulb with led

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